About Us

Family business


Our purpose is to create healthy, tasty, sustainable products in perfect agreement with nature without using any fillers or chemical substances.

Quality matters


We concentrate our efforts on offering our customers the best quality products at very resonable prices.

Natural products


All our products are natural, made by us with love and attention.

About Us

Who are we?


Founded by Giorgos Sotirelis - fourth generation of Sotirelis family - and his wife Sandra - professional Raw chef, Nutrition Coach and Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach - Olive Center Thassos is the result of Giorgos life long experience with olives and olive oil, Sandra's healthy living ideas combined with hard work, passion, integrity, responsibility, sustainability, love and respect for the olive tree and everything is offering us. 

Where can you find us?


We are located in the traditional village of Panagia, inside the Sotirelis Olive Oil Museum, island Thassos.

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Open during the summer season


Starting from May until October, Olive Centre Thassos is open everyday, all day long. For more information about the working hours please check contact us section or simply press find out more button.

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About Us

What do we offer?

The best we can regarding the quality. This is also the reason we have a limited range of products. At us you can find natural black olives, souvenirs and other exceptional products. We hope that you will love them as much as we do.

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You are welcomed

We welcome you to visit us at our location on Thassos island for more information. All our products are available for purchase in our place.

The olive tree


""It was Athens, Goddess of wisdom, the wisest of Zeus daughters, that has stuck a spear into the ground at the break of civilisation, and the spear had turned into an olive tree...""

From ancient times Greek people value the olive tree as one of the most significant gift from Gods. The olive tree Olea Europea, belongs to the Oleaceae family. Is known as one of the first cultivated trees. All parts of the olive tree are usable. The olive, fruit of the olive tree, is used for producing olive oil "the liquid gold" which helped people survive during hunger periods, also the olives are cultivated for consumption as table olives. The beautiful olive tree wood was original used for making cooking items, nowadays you can find a big range of products made from it. The olive seeds known also as stones or pits were used for making jewellery, now we are among the few ones continuing the tradition and still making small decorative items from the olive seed. And the olive leaves were dried and used for tea making. Today there are available many varieties from simple whole dried leaves, powdered, capsules, and extracts. 

Symbols of the olive tree

Wisdom - The tradition says that the olive tree was a gift from Gods to people. 

Peace - The Goddess of peace, Irena, daughter of Zeus, was always represented with an olive branch in her hand.

Hope - In the Old Testament a dove returns with an olive branch in her ark, to announce the end of flood and bring hope to people.

Light - Olive oil was used as lightening oil and was considered a source of light. It is still used in Monasteries all around Greece,

Fertility - The olive oil is considered to be aphrodisiac while the olive seeds is the source of new life.

Health - The power of the olive oil to health is widely known.  Moreover, olive trees are resistant simple and long lived trees.

Wealth - The olive trees are for many families the main source of income.

Balance - The olive tree was considered the tree of balance by the Celts. They dedicate the 23 of September to it as this day has the same duration as the night.