Made with love

Natural black olives dried with sea salt


Black olives Thassos Thrumba type; carefully selected and prepared by Giorgos Sotirelis just with sea salt, using the traditional family's recipe. Perfectly balanced taste.

Olive paste


  Olive paste, home made from black dried olives with sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat and pure, extra virgin olive oil. This carefully selected ingredients, blended together offer you a delicious taste which emphasise the original taste of black olives.   

Olive seed bracelets


A big variety of olive seed bracelets to have with you the good vibes and positive energy from the blessed tree. You can choose the original one, a colourful one or a more fancy variety with semi-precious stones.

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Olive wood


Beautiful olive wood products, from everyday cooking items like spatulas, spoons, salad sets, cutting boards, mortars and pestles to wooden bowls, fruit baskets, home decorative items and chess games. All available in different forms and sizes.

Olive wood magnets


Hand made magnets, painted on olive tree wood. This unique souvenirs give you the opportunity to take a small piece of the blessed olive tree at home.