Olive seed bracelets


The story behind the bracelets

From ancient times, with respect for the olive trees, Greek people use to wear jewellery made from olive seeds believing that it brings good luck. We wanted to continue the tradition so in 2013 we created the first olive seed bracelets, which we proudly wear everyday since then.  


The symbol of fertility

The olive seed is born from the olive tree in order to create a new life. It have within the positive energy of the blessed olive tree and brings good luck.


Simple or with semi-precious stones

In our shop you can find the traditional olive seed bracelets aside modern versions with beads or semi valuable stones. We believe in the power of the olive seeds and the health benefits of semi-valuable stones so we created this powerful unique stone-seed bracelets. You can find bracelets with agate stones, amethyst, pink quartz, onyx, amazonite, gold stone, malachite, jasper, tiger eye, lava stone, coral, turquise and more. 

How is made

Olive seeds

In winter, during the olive picking season we collect the ``not so good`` olives for our seed bracelets. Then we are washing them properly to get the clean seed out, we dry the seeds and prepare them for the bracelets.

The process

After choosing the best same sized seeds,  we start the beading process, then we carefully make different sized bracelets. All this happens during the winter time when outside is cold and windy, enjoying our work with a cup of coffee next to the wooden stove.

The final product

Finally our bracelets are ready :) they are available in our shop inside Sotirelis olive oil museum in Panagia. We hope you will enjoy wearing our bracelets as much as we do!